Staff Structure

Executive Headteacher Mr D I Swift
Deputy Headteacher Mr J Thorne
Chair of Governors Mrs D Ellis 
Teaching Staff
Reception Miss L Shinton
Year 1/2 Miss M Taylor (NQT)
Year 3 Mr J Thorne, Mrs C Stanford
Year 4 Miss A Williams
SENCO 1/2 day per week Ms C Goldup (Based at Brewood Middle School)
Year 4/5 Transition Mrs V Priestley (Based at Brewood Middle School)
Office Manager Administration & Finance  Mrs A Pitchford
Support Staff
Classroom Support - Reception Mrs G Egan
Cover Supervisor Mrs C Kirkpatrick
Classroom Support am - Year 1/2 Mrs J Whittingham

Classroom Support pm - Year 3/4

Miss J Whittingham
Caretaker/Site Manager Miss J Whittingham
Site Technician Mr W Marston
Senior Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant Mrs B Dallow
Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant Mrs C Latham and Mr E Holden
Playground Leader Mrs S Mann
Cleaning Staff Mrs B Dallow (Senior)
Mrs S Dade
Mrs T Rock
School Meals Staff Mrs L Mills (Cook in charge)
Mrs K Cambridge
 Nursery Staff Mrs L King,Mrs S Rogers, Miss S Rock and Mrs S Mann

St Marys CE (C) First School, Marston Road, Wheaton Aston, Stafford, ST19 9PQ

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